Matific in Action

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    Lansvale Public School

    When I first got introduced to Matific, I was very nervous because I'm not very technologically minded. However, I have become far more comfortable with technology now. The children's response is just fabulous! They have been eating through the games, and it has increased their enthusiasm. The children who need a lot more support also found it very, very good. The feedback is immediate (!!), and the smiles on their faces are just terrific.
    Mary Hannaford, 1st Year Teacher
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    Payhembury Church of England Primary School

    The children love Matific. They come into class talking about which activities they played the night before, how well they have done and so forth. Plus, with the teacher admin panel, I can see who has done what and how well they are doing, providing additional support on a one to one basis where required. Whilst it has only been a few months, we are so pleased with Matific and they way our pupils have instantly taken to it that we have been recommending it to other schools and the rest of our learning community.
    Vicky Morris, KS2 Teacher and SENCO
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    Colégio Materdei

    Matific develops students' autonomy through choices and the interpretations of commands within the games. The real-time reporting of the activities enrich the evaluation of the students.
    Maurilisa Abbade, Computer Lab teacher
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    Acklam Grange School

    Matific allows me to transform students understanding of abstract mathematical concepts, helping generate a positive math culture and students love of math.
    Danielle Bartram, Maths Lead Practitioner
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    Lanchester EP Primary School

    Matific is brilliant for the teaching of Numeracy concepts. They really understand how children develop their mathematical learning.
    Martin Bailey, Digital Enrichment Leader

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