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The World’s Best Math Activities

Matific’s award-winning content is serious in making learning math fun.

  • Pedagogically Rigourous

    Pedagogically Rigourous

    Matific’s incredible content has been built and refined by leading educational experts around the globe.

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  • Highly Engaging

    Highly Engaging

    Through art, humour and story-telling, Matific draws students into the world of mathematics.

  • Builds Conceptual Understanding

    Builds Conceptual Understanding

    Matific enables students to understand topics and think critically by carefully explaining the why and how behind the math.

  • Skills Practice

    Skills Practice

    Matific has hundreds of interactive activities, worksheets and word problems to help students master skills and achieve fluency in topics.

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Fully Localised

  • Curriculum Aligned

    Curriculum Aligned

    Matific’s content is mapped and aligned to over 200 curricula and textbooks around the globe.

  • Translated into over 40 Languages

    Translated into over 40 Languages

    Don’t settle for an average product when you can have the world’s best.

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Delivered by a Personal Math Tutor

Matific’s adaptive student experience delivers. Empowering students to take agency over their education.

  • Placement Test

    Placement Test

    At the start of a student's journey on their personalized learning path (Adventure Island), Matific delivers a placement test to understand the ‘readiness’ of the student.

  • Formative Assessment

    Formative Assessment

    Every Matific activity is a formative assessment. As a student completes activities, Matific learns more about their strengths and weaknesses.

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  • Smart Algorithm

    Smart Algorithm

    Matific’s intelligent algorithm determines the right activity to deliver the student in their zone of proximal development.

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Math Students Love

Students love Matific. Turn screen time into learning time.

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  • Rich, Engaging Meta-Game

    Rich, Engaging Meta-Game

    Students love Matific! We help turn screen time into learning time.

  • Avatar Personalisation

    Avatar Personalisation

    Students are motivated to complete math activities in order to unlock items that enable them to personalize their avatar.

  • Achievements & Goals

    Achievements & Goals

    Matific sets smart goals and achievements for students to meet that drive the right behaviours.

  • Skills Practice

    Smart Reward System

    Our 3 tier chest reward system promotes replaying and mastering skills.

Parents are Empowered

At Matific, we believe parents are an important part of their child's education. We provide the tools for parents to make a difference.

  • Parent Dashboard

    Parent Dashboard

    A quick and easy way to see usage and progress of a child.

  • Parent Reports

    Parent Reports

    Detailed reporting on a child’s progress, where they are excelling and where they are struggling.

  • Parent Assignment

    Parent Assignment

    Providing parents the ability to assign specific topic areas to their children.

Easy to get Started

Teaching is hard enough, we’ve made getting started with Matific as easy as A,B,C

  • Simple Onboarding

    Simple Onboarding

    One click sign up and easy to follow step-by-step guide to help you get started.

  • Easy Student Login

    Easy Student Login

    Choose from multiple options available to help your students' log in. Get QR codes, print out login cards, or email the details to them.

  • Integrates with leading LMS/SIS solutions

    Integrates with leading LMS/SIS solutions

    Seamlessly integrates with Google, Microsoft and Clever.

Assign Work

Giving the right students the right activity at the right time has never been easier.

  • Smart Assign

    Smart Assign

    Assign work by class, group, or student. Homework or Schoolwork, it’s simple

  • Schedule Work

    Schedule Work

    Set specific work to be completed within the time periods you want

  • Scope and Sequence

    Scope and Sequence

    Plan a quarter a year ahead in minutes

Manage Work

We’ve taken the hassle out of managing your class's math workload.

  • Calendar View

    Calendar View

    Quickly see what is assigned for a student, group or class this week or next

  • Quick Management

    Quick Management

    Easily reschedule content, switch items between homework and schoolwork and so much more.

  • Personalize


    Effortlessly personalise your classes activities between students or groups.

Differentiated learning

Every student is different, Matific has built a range of features to help teachers provide the right learning environment for their students.

  • Student Groups

    Student Groups

    Create groups within your class for targeted intervention

  • Personalise Assignment

    Personalise Assignment

    Assign work to individuals, students or groups. Easily manage assignments.

  • Adaptive Learning Path

    Adaptive Learning Path

    Through the placement test and formative assessments, Matific’s AI algorithm delivers the right next episode to each student.

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Teacher Reporting & Insights

  • Live Classroom Report

    Live Classroom Report

    Everything you need to run a Matific sessions in class - track student status, progress, and more in real time.

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  • Personalized Dashboards

    Personalized Dashboards

    View curated information that’s relevant to your role in your dashboard including usage, progress and growth.

  • Performance Reports

    Performance Reports

    View student, group, class or school reports showing how students are performing within a domain, topic or curriculum outcome.

  • Progress Reports

    Progress Reports

    View which students are thriving and which students are struggling by topic. (coming soon)

  • Assigned Work Reports

    Assigned Work Reports

    Quickly see who has logged on. See who has done their assigned work and who has not.

Build Matific into your lessons

  • Math Quizzes

    Math Quizzes

    Matific Play offers live in class math quizzes for students to play collaboratively or compete.

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  • Workshops


    Workshop or Labs enable teachers to have a customisable interactive experience with their class to teach and explore a topic.

  • Introducing Topics

    Introducing Topics

    Specific activities have been developed by Matific to help introduce topics to a class.

  • Homework


    Matific provides a simple solution to set, mark, monitor and evaluate homework

  • Math Extension

    Math Extension

    Advanced episodes, riddles are various other forms of extension that enable teachers to challenge even the smartest students.

  • Achievements and leaderboards

    Achievements and leaderboards

    Through collaboration or competition, teachers are able to motivate students.

Works in every classroom for every student

  • Available in over 40 languages

    Available in over 40 languages, our multilingual support allows you to use different languages within the same class!

  • Use online or offline

    Multiple login options from any device. Use online or offline.

  • Dividing students into groups

    Differentiate your classroom by dividing students into groups in just a few clicks or swipes.

Students and Teachers Around the World Love Matific...

  • "When I first got introduced to Matific, I was very nervous because I'm not very technologically minded. However, I have become far more comfortable with technology now. The children's response is just fabulous!"

    Mary Hannaford

    Year 1 teacher

  • "Matific allows me to transform students understanding of abstract mathematical concepts, helping generate a positive math culture and students love of math."

    Danielle Bartram

    Math Lead Practitioner

  • "Far more engaging for our students than other online platforms and we like how the questions were adaptive to the students' abilities."

    Templeton Primary School

    Primary School

Unlocking children's mathematics potential

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