Personalized math learning, anywhere, anytime

Watch your child grow confidence and master any math topic through engaging games and activities for every learning level.

Using Matific has proven to help improve result by 34%

Backed by experts from Harvard, Berkeley, Stanford and MIT.

Aligned to your school’s curriculum

Matific works alongside your local mathematics curriculum, meaning each activity is relevant and valuable to their personal learning journey.

Whether your child is seeking support or enrichment, Matific ensures they can become confident and capable learners - now and in the years to come.

Did you know?

Using Matific has proven to help improve result by 34%

Adaptive and engaging learning activities that help your child master concepts at their own pace.

Adaptive activities for all skill levels and learning styles

Matific transforms math into a journey of discovery and growth that engages each student’s distinct strengths and goals. Take the algorithm-led path or let your child learn on their own accord.

Adaptive Adventure

Personalized programs guided by Matific’s next-gen algorithm

Matific’s advanced algorithm adapts to each child’s pace and progress to curate an individual math adventure that ensures they’re never rushed or held back.

Training Zone

Student-led learning for every math topic

Students refine their skills through math activities that focus on specific topics across the math curriculum.

Multiplayer Arena

Join a virtual classroom with millions of learners

Give your child the opportunity to build their math skills alongside their peers from across the globe. Together, they’ll develop their knowledge, deepen their understanding and become conceptual learners.

Your child’s personal tutor

A personalized and adaptive learning path

When your child uses Matific, they’re never rushed or held behind. Matific's Adventure Island algorithm adapts to your child’s pace and progress.

Matific improves math performance

Is your child struggling with a certain math concept? The Matific Training Zone targets topics your child could improve in, helping your child master even the most challenging concepts.

Curriculum aligned

Matific is aligned to your local curriculum, ensuring your child is on track. This makes Matific a perfect education companion. With Matific, you can be assured all requirements are covered.

Improve math outcomes

Matific works!

When using the app 30 minutes per week, Matific helps improve test scores by an average of 34%. Plus, 31% more kids say “I want to learn math” after using Matific. We think that’s pretty amazing!

Your child learns how to think

With Matific, kids don’t just blindly memorize math facts. Instead, they gain conceptual understanding and critical thinking skills of math concepts.

Developed by experts in education

Our team is composed of experts from Harvard, Berkeley, MIT, and Stanford. We work hard to make sure Matific is highly effective at teaching new concepts and reinforcing prior knowledge.

We keep you in the loop

Track your child’s progress

Our Parent Dashboard allows you to stay up to date on your child’s progress. See how often and how long your child uses Matific, what topics they’re learning about, and their performance.

Know your child’s strengths and weaknesses

Matific provides regular updates on your child’s strengths and weaknesses. With these insights, you can provide extra support where your child is struggling and enrichment to further develop their strengths.

Stay Involved

Matific helps you feel empowered to make a difference in your child’s academic journey. With Matific, you can even assign work to target areas for improvement.

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    Develop Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills

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Matific's pedagogical principles

Matific's core strength is our 5-point pedagogical principles developed by experts from Stanford, Harvard, Berkley and the Einstein Institute.

Easy for you, fun for your child

Anytime, anywhere

Your child can play Matific on any platform or device. Whether you’re waiting for an appointment, in traffic, or at home, your child can practice math skills.

Online, offline

Matific can also be played offline through the app, so you don’t ever have to worry about WIFI connections or exceeding your data plan.

Safe for children

Matific is kidSAFE certified. There is no advertising and no third party can contact your child through the app.

Matific is your learning companion - anytime, anywhere

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