Math Solutions for your School District’s Unique Needs!

  • Aligned to your district’s curriculum
  • Teacher training and ongoing support
  • Easy onboarding...teachers can get started in minutes!
  • Roster your classes with Google and Clever
  • Enterprise reporting
  • For as little as a $1/month per student
  • Available for teachers and students in English, Spanish, and 38 more languages!

Why Matific ?

  • Anytime, anywhere

    Personalized and adaptive learning path

  • Online, offline

    Proven to help boost math outcomes by 34%

  • Safe for children

    Teacher-friendly interface for teaching and planning

  • Safe for children

    Insightful reports track performance and progress

  • Safe for children

    World’s best math activities that students love

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Impact Learning Outcomes

Develops Deep Conceptual Understanding

Matific goes beyond surface-level understanding by offering math activities that are deeply rooted in pedagogy. Its guided exploratory experiences help students develop a deep conceptual understanding of math concepts.

Personalized Learning for Each Student

Our intelligent algorithm analyses each student’s performance and offers them a personalized, adaptive experience. Whether students need remediation, extension or motivation, Matific helps students grow in their own way! Teachers have full control and are able to assign specific activities, topics or areas of focus to their students.

Real Impact

Using Matific in the classroom improves assessment results by 34%!

Report on Schools Success and Engagement

Easy to Track Student Progress

Eliminate administrative tasks for teachers with Matific’s automatic tracking system. Teachers can see student progress in real-time, helping them provide just-in-time interventions. Matific also offers global reporting, so teachers can view individual, group, and whole-class advances.

School Reporting

Our multi-award-winning math platform automatically tracks student progress so that you can see how each student and class are performing. The school reporting feature also allows you to report usage data across all grade levels. Aligned to your curriculum, Matific keeps students on track and advancing toward learning goals.

Multi School Reporting

Administrators must ensure that their investments are paying off. Our easy-to-use reporting system allows leaders to track school progress and student outcomes. These reports help you analyze the value Matific adds to your schools.

Great Tool for Teachers

Effortless Planning

Teachers can bring our lesson plans and tips to the classroom, easing the burden of planning and allowing them to focus on the students.

Activities Galore

1000s of engaging math activities give teachers options for teaching individuals, small groups, and the whole class!

Immediate Feedback

Real-time reporting keeps teachers updated on student progress and ready to intervene or provide enrichment.

Teacher Support

Matific offers free professional development support so that teachers can make the most of the platform.

Matific integrates seamlessly with Heinemann’s Flight platform

Providing thousands of activities based on standards-aligned mathematical concepts, Matific maps to more than 130 different math programs, including Heinemann’s Do the Math and Math Expressions. The content-based pairing with these renowned programs creates a powerful synergy, offering students an even more comprehensive and personalized approach to learning within a trusted instructional framework.

Here’s What Our Users are Saying

  • "My students beg to use Matific! They love the fun, interactive activities and how they get immediate feedback. When using Matific, I know my students are on task and engaged."


    Year 2 teacher

  • "This year, I tried letting Matific introduce angles to my class. It worked out really well! My students quickly picked up the concept and were able to use real protractors in the classroom afterwards, no problem."


    Year 5 teacher

  • "I’ve noticed a big difference in skill level since my students started using Matific. Fractions were always a tough subject to teach before, but now my students really understand them."


    Year 4 teacher

Matific by the Numbers

  • students enjoy Matific

    98% of teachers say their students enjoy Matific

  • Matific offers variety in teaching

    94% of teachers agree Matific offers variety in teaching

  • 1,250,000+ of Happy Learners

    1,250,000+ of Happy Learners

  • 496+ of standards covered

    496+ of standards covered

  • 60+ Countries

    60+ Countries

  • 40+ Languages

    40+ Languages

Fully integrated into your Education EcoSystem

  • Google Classrooms technology partner for Matific online mathematics resource for teachers, students and schools
  • Clever technology partner for Matific online mathematics resource for teachers, students and schools
  • Office365 technology partner for Matific online mathematics resource for teachers, students and schools
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