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How to use Matific Play?

  • Introduce New Topics

    Start new topics off with a bang by using interactive math activities. This will help you assess prior knowledge while keeping students engaged.

  • Review Knowledge

    Turn topic revision into a fun, interactive event your students will love! Then, use the results to identify strengths and areas for improvement.

  • Ice-breaker & Motivation

    Get your students excited about learning math by launching a fun Matific challenge!

  • Friday Fun

    Looking for an awesome way to end the week? Try a fun and engaging math challenge!

How it works

  1. Select an activity
  2. Share the code with your class
  3. Students enter the code and get started
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Matific Play for Teachers

Create an interactive, social learning environment in which students can truly enjoy math! Reward your class with math activities that grow peer-to-peer learning and foster friendly competition. Not only is Matific Play fun, but it offers a fantastic way to introduce, review, reinforce, and assess a whole range of math topics. Building deep conceptual understanding has never been easier or more engaging!

Matific Play for Students

Challenge your friends in a friendly competition and win while you learn! With Matific Play, you can assess your skills and push yourself to do your personal best with each challenge. Say goodbye to boring worksheets and anxiety-inducing assessment tests. Say hello to fun interactive math activities that build your knowledge and confidence.

Matific Play for Parents

Matific Play’s entertaining math activities that will get your child hooked on learning! Turn screen time into learning time with interactive challenges that spur your child to do their personal best. You can even set up a family challenge to see who knows more...parents or kids?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Matific Play?

Matific Play lets you instantly create a fun, competitive session from any of our thousands of interactive math activities. It's easy to set up a session and share the code to get started.

Who is Matific Play for?

Everyone! For teachers, it's a fantastic classroom activity. For parents, it's a fun way to get your child engaged with math. For students and mathematically minded people everywhere, it's a great way to explore a math challenge as a group.

How does Matific Play work?

Find the activity you want to share and click the "Play Now" button. This will generate a code you can share with anyone - your class, your children, or your peers. When everyone has joined, start the activity and watch the leaderboard!

Do I need to subscribe to Matific to use Matific Play?

No, Matific Play is available to everyone!

Do I need a Matific account to use Matific Play?

No, Matific Play is available to everyone. Browse our full activity library, generate a code by clicking the Matific Play button, and get started right now.

I already have a teacher account, how do I access Matific Play?

You can generate a code for Matific Play on any activity page. Use the “Find Activities” feature to browse or search for the one you want to share, and open the activity by clicking on its thumbnail.

How many students can participate together?

Up to 60 students can participate in a single session.

Can I download report at the end of the activity?

Downloading results isn't available right now, but we’re working hard to bring class results on Matific Play into the rest of Matific’s reporting features.

Can I save the results?

Saving isn’t available right now, but we’re working hard to bring class results on Matific Play into the rest of Matific’s reporting features.

Is there a limit on how many activities I can assign/play?

No, you can use Matific Play as much as you want.

What are the options available for me to customise leaderboard view?

Leaderboards are awesome but sometimes it isnt right to show one. For that reason we have empowered the game host to pick a leaderboard that is suitable for the activity. You can show rankings by time, score or both or if it isn't really a competition, then you can simply show a completion board. The choice is up to you.

How to I find activities for the topic I am teaching?

If you have a Matific licence, you can launch Matific Play from the activity page directly - just click on the activity thumbnail to launch it. If you don't have a Matific licence, head over to the Math Activities page and start exploring! Matific Activities
Matific v4.39.1