Schools receive real time performance reports based on your curriculum, topics or textbook

school report

Real-time performance reports by curriculum, topics or textbook

school report

Track progress according to your favourite textbook

school report

Matific is designed by mathematics professors, education experts, and curriculum specialists


Districts can have access to real time reports across all schools in your district.

district report

Matific allows you to track usage across all the schools in your district.


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Why Matific? A wordy answer...

  • Matific is a collection of online Mathematics activities that teach kids problem solving and critical thinking through discovery. We have been academically proven to improve test scores and to reduce anxiety.
  • We use game based principles to encourage kids to learn through discovery, and we also have all the usual stuff schools may like such as worksheets, lesson plans, and of course real time reporting.
  • Matific’s content is completely browsable and searchable, and you can even designate any content specifically for schoolwork or homework, and all our content is aligned to your local curriculum or textbook.
  • If you like, you can use the Matific’s auto assign feature to assign 15 minutes of targeted and personalised work to your kids each week, and then track their progress.
  • Most importantly, we’ve worked really hard to make sure kids LOVE Matific.