Thoughtful Learning

Deep Understanding

  • Research-based mathematics activities, worksheets and word problems
  • Designed for critical thinking and conceptual understanding
  • Encourages risk free discovery and curiosity
  • Automatic or teacher-driven assignments to students
  • Aligned to your curriculum, designed by curriculum experts
  • Available in 40+ languages, set at the student level
  • Offer professional development: Provide teachers with proven resources and ongoing assistance
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PyramidsClassifying Shapes
Add up to 20Addition Basics
Weighing RiddlesMass
Whole Numbers
Division WorksheetLong Division
Data Analysis
Line Plots: Centimeters IPlots and Charts

Improve Student Results

Just 15 minutes of Matific a week has proven to dramatically improve Mathematics results

Real-Time Reports

Schools receive real-time performance reports based on their curriculum, topics or textbook

View and track curriculum progress reports for each student, group and class.

Designed by professors, educational experts and curriculum specialists. Matific uses logical sequencing and staging to report on topics for each student, group and class.

View and track student progress using many available reports aligned to your preferred textbook.

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Suggested Ways to Use Matific in the Classroom

Assign Work and Track Progress

  1. Assign Work

    Choose the most relevant work for your students, and assign this work to your students.

  2. Track Progress

    Track your students completion and performance with our real time and automated reports.

Personalised Pace

Each student will receive a digital path way, which contains all the activities for their grade level.
Students can simply log in, and complete the work in their BONUS path at their own pace, as well as any specific work you have chosen for them.

Take Advantage of AutoAssign

  • Smart Algorithm

    If you like the idea of AutoAssign, Matific is smart enough to know which work to give to your class each week.

  • Autoassign

    As your class completes work, our algorithm will automatically adjust to Auto Assign the most relevant activities to your classes.

Why Matific?

Here are few reasons why Matific will help make Mathematics learning easier for teachers and students.

  1. Matific is a collection of online Mathematics activities that teach students problem solving and critical thinking through discovery. We have been academically proven to improve test scores and to reduce anxiety.

  2. We use game based principles to encourage students to learn through discovery, and we also have all the usual stuff schools may like such as worksheets, lesson plans, and of course real time reporting.

  3. Matific’s content is completely browsable and searchable, and you can even designate any content specifically for schoolwork or homework, and all our content is aligned to your local curriculum or textbook.

  4. If you like, you can use the Matific’s auto assign feature to assign 15 minutes of targeted and personalised work to your students each week, and then track their progress.

  5. Most importantly, we’ve worked really hard to make sure students LOVE Matific.

Use Matific on Any Device

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