The next-gen teacher assignment experience

Matific assignments have been supercharged! This upgrade adds an enormous number of features to the teacher experience, all designed to help you make the most out of Matific with ease. Improving the “assign” experience has been the most requested functionality by teachers around the world, and this new feature suite has something for you, no matter how you use Matific.


Prepare for next week

Have you ever wanted to assign work to start next week, without giving your students access to activities ahead of time? Now you can!

Select the week you want to assign to, and Matific will take care of the rest.


Set expectations for your students

Every activity has a start, due, and expiration date. This means you can communicate directly with your students in the app - they will receive notifications when the due date passes, letting them know they have overdue work.


Aligned to how - and when - you teach

Do you teach in two-week cycles? Do you check homework on Thursdays? However you approach activities in Matific, you can easily align your assignments to the rhythm of your classroom.

You can customize these dates on a per-activity level too. If you want to reserve some activities for a computer lab on Thursday, you can change your assignment settings to give students access to the activities for just a short period of time:

All of this information is gathered together for you in Manage Activities, so you can see what’s out there and what’s coming up at a glance:



Plan your term in advance

With Scheduling, you can assign activities to any future week, and they will become active automatically at the right time. With just a few clicks you can plan your entire term!

All activities you assign will be present on the Manage Activities page, and you can customize and personalize in advance.



Who has done their homework?

The Work Progress Report has been upgraded, allowing you to quickly tell at a glance who has completed their work for the week:

If you want to dive into the technical details, check out this blog post.

As always we are eager to hear from you - please send us your feedback!