Introducing the Student Monitor Card on your Teacher Dashboard!

Are you a teacher looking for an easy and efficient way to monitor your students' progress and engagement? Look no further! We are thrilled to announce the arrival of the Student Monitor Card on your Matific Teacher Dashboard. This powerful new feature will revolutionize the way you track and support your students' learning journey.

With the Student Monitor Card, you can now access answers to your most important questions right at your fingertips. Let's explore the key features that make this tool indispensable for every teacher:

Track Student Activity: Stay informed about student progress effortlessly. Discover who has been actively working and identify those who haven't engaged yet. This feature allows you to intervene and provide additional support when needed.

View Activity History: Gain valuable insights into your students' learning preferences and focus areas. Explore where students have been playing activities within the Matific platform, enabling you to tailor your teaching approach to meet their individual needs.

Monitor Weekly Quest Achievements: Celebrate student achievements and motivate others to reach their goals. Keep track of which students have successfully completed their weekly quests and foster a culture of achievement in your classroom.

Evaluate Performance Insights: Assess your students' progress across various activities. This feature allows you to evaluate their performance and identify areas where they may need additional support, enabling you to personalize your teaching strategies.

Compare Students Progress Over Time: Understand your students' progress over time and identify trends. Compare their activity and engagement levels between the current week and four weeks ago, providing you with a comprehensive view of their growth.

Easy access to all necessary tools: Perform various administrative tasks without leaving the Student Monitor Card. From accessing detailed reports to editing student details and downloading login cards, you have all the necessary tools at your disposal.

The Student Monitor Card provides a comprehensive overview of your students' performance and engagement across all areas of use. By staying connected to their progress, you can make informed decisions and offer targeted support to maximize their learning potential.

We are excited for you to explore this new feature and experience the enhanced capabilities it brings to your teaching journey.