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Matific Works

Matific Works
  • Improves results by


    Using Matific in the classroom increases student results.

    University of Western Sydney

  • Drives engagement for


    Teachers recommend Matific to their colleagues and continue to use it in class.

    Virginia, USA

  • Increases interest by


    Students are more likely to agree that they “want to learn maths”.

    Tamil Nadu, India

From concept to mastery

Build deep understanding

Every activity has been meticulously crafted to ensure students genuinely learn - and have fun while doing it. Matific builds student confidence from their first session, and grows their skills toward complete fluency.

Infinite skill practice

Students can play our activities over and over again, with fresh questions each time. Matific offers unlimited opportunities for students to focus their efforts and hone their skills.

Instantaneous feedback

Our responsive feedback provides hints for students to grow and learn independently. When students answer a question incorrectly, our just-in-time interventions encourage students to identify their mistakes, keep trying, and achieve their learning goals.


Adaptive learning algorithm

Individual pathways

Our intelligent algorithm analyses each student’s performance and offers them a personalised, adaptive experience. Whether students need remediation, extension, motivation, or some combination, Matific helps students grow their own way!

Continuous revision

Spaced repetition is built into our adaptive algorithm so that students review and refresh skills they have already mastered. With Matific, your students will always be prepared to take the next step on their learning journey.

Deep analytics in real-time

Track student usage and progress

Matific keeps records on everything so you don’t have to! You can easily see how much time your students spend on the platform, learn who has completed their work, measure student growth, and much more.

Take informed action

Every Matific activity is a formative assessment, and responding the right way has never been easier. Identify struggling students and high achievers, then respond with targeted assignments in just a few clicks.


Less admin, more teaching

Find the content you need

Matific has over 2,000 interactive activities mapped to your curriculum. Whether you’re looking to introduce a concept or hone your students’ skills, we have you covered.

Plan your year in minutes

You can easily align Matific to your teaching program. Simply take one of our premade scope and sequence options, make a few modifications, and set it in motion.

Homework made easy

Let Matific set and mark homework for every student in your class. Be warned - your students may ask for more!

Engage students with ease

Grow a love of learning

Our interactive, game-based activities nurture and guide students through a journey of discovery. Transform your class into a vibrant learning community, eager to understand the mathematical world all around them.

Build student confidence

For students, Matific is a magical experience, filled with helpful characters and exciting challenges. Friendly guidance is always available to help every student experience success in maths. Watch their anxiety melt away as they learn with Matific.


“My students beg to use Matific! They love the fun, interactive activities and how they get immediate feedback. When using Matific, I know my students are on task and engaged.”

Year 2 teacher

“This year, I tried letting Matific introduce angles to my class. It worked out really well! My students quickly picked up the concept and were able to use real protractors in the classroom afterwards, no problem.”

Year 5 teacher

“I’ve noticed a big difference in skill level since my students started using Matific. Fractions were always a tough subject to teach before, but now my students really understand them.”

Year 4 teacher

Matific has a lot to offer!

We’ve filled Matific with great tools and features to help teachers and students achieve their full potential in maths. In Matific, you’ll find:

  • Teacher Tips to plan your lesson

    Teacher Tips to plan your lesson

  • Workshops for teacher demonstration

    Workshops for teacher demonstration

  • ClassCast for classroom events

    ClassCast for classroom events

  • Automated Scoring

    Automated Scoring

  • Certificates of Achievement

    Certificates of Achievement

  • Parent Reports

    Parent Reports

  • Fully-Integrated Platform

    Fully-Integrated Platform

  • App Download (works on any device)

    App Download (works on any device)

  • App available in 40+ languages

    App available in 40+ languages

Matific's pedagogical principles

Matific's core strength is our 5-point pedagogical principles developed by experts from Stanford, Harvard, Berkley and the Einstein Institute.

Matific by the numbers

  • Billions of Questions

    Billions of Questions

  • Millions of Happy Learners

    Millions of Happy Learners

  • Thousands of engaging activities

    Thousands of engaging activities

  • 100% Of Standards Addressed

    100% Of Standards Addressed

  • 100+ resources aligned

    100+ resources aligned

  • 60+ Countries

    60+ Countries

  • 40+ Languages

    40+ Languages

Professional development opportunities

Professional development opportunities

We’re here to help you make the most of Matific! Become Matific Certified through our FREE professional development sessions. In these sessions, you’ll learn to integrate Matific into your instructional practices and further your skills as a maths teacher. We can’t wait for you to join our amazing community of Matific teachers!

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Matific is a multi-award winner

  • CODiE 2019 Award presented to Matific online mathematics resource for teachers, students and schools
  • CODiE 2016 Award presented to Matific online mathematics resource for teachers, students and schools
  • The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval awarded to Matific online mathematics resource for teachers, students, and schools
  • CODiE 2017 Award presented to Matific online mathematics resource for teachers, students and schools
  • Top 100 Educational Websites 2016 Award presented to Matific online mathematics resource for teachers, students and schools
  • Ed Tech 2019 finalist presented to Matific online mathematics resource for teachers, students and schools
  • Academic Choice Smart Media Award presented to Matific online mathematics resource for teachers, students and schools
  • Academic Choice Brain Toy Award presented to Matific online mathematics resource for teachers, students and schools
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