What makes
Matific unique?

What makes Matific unique?

Matific Learning Platform

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  1. Matific Content

    • Carefully created real-world stories
    • Develops problem solving mindset
    • Evidence-based, supported by research
    • Student-centered learning

    Traditional Content

    • Uses outdated technology (FLASH)
    • Positioned for College & Career Readiness
    • Lacks critical problem solving skills
    • Focus only on rote and recall skills
  2. Learn by Doing

    • Hands-on learning
    • Interact mathematically
    • Deep conceptual understanding
    • Use virtual manipulatives

    Learn by Memory

    • Learn by recall
    • Not equipped with problem solving skills
    • One try to get correct answer
    • Limited answer choices
  3. Student Engagement

    • Real-world, meaningful examples
    • Gamified motivators
    • Positive environment, learn by trial & error
    • Inviting graphics, multiple tries & answers

    Student Motivation

    • Lacks real-world, relatable activities
    • Limited variety of activities
    • Lacks meaning & context
    • Focus on one learning strategy - recall
  4. New Technology

    • HTML5 & new technologies
    • Works on any device, including mobile
    • Connects to any browser
    • Integrates with other technologies

    Old Technology

    • Uses unsupported technology (FLASH)
    • Limited functionality
    • Lacks flexibility in content & delivery
    • Limited technology use; needed for future success
  5. Supports Multilingual Classes

    • Available in 40+ languages
    • Students toggle between languages
    • Resources in many languages
    • Parent reports in their native language

    Language Barrier

    • Limited language support
    • Minimal teacher resources for ESL students
    • No activities for learning academic math terms
    • No connection with parents in their language
  6. No Internet? No Problem.

    • Matific offline mode allows access to math
    • Syncs work performed once connected again
    • Strengthens the home-school connection
    • Teachers can use homework assignment feature
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    Connectivity Challenges

    • Limited or no internet = zero access to online math
    • No internet at home = limited math practice
    • Access and use of print materials only
    • Focus only on rote and recall skills

What do Teachers Think?

Sharon Rowe, Principal, FootPrints Special Needs Preparatory School Matific has allowed each child at our school to work and achieve at their own pace. The pupils cannot wait for tablet time as they are so excited to get the stars at the end of each activity. Matific has given our special needs pupils an exciting way to learn math concepts that they previously found daunting. It is fun, educational and open to all types of learners.
Matific v4.44.0