Matific Academic Board

Matific’s core strength is our pedagogical principles developed by the Matific Academic Board. The Academic Board consists of world experts in mathematics, computer science, education and child development, including leading researchers from Berkeley, Harvard, Stanford and the Einstein Institute. The role of the Academic Board is to ensure the pedagogical excellence of Matific’s mathematics activities is in consonance with up-to-date research in education and child development.

Prof. Raz Kupferman

Einstein Institute of Mathematics

Professor of mathematics at the Hebrew University. Former Chair of the Einstein Institute of Mathematics. Former head of the mathematics middle school curricular committee. Author of “Elementary School Mathematics for Teachers and Parents”. Co-founder of Matific and Chief Scientist.

Prof. Lyn English

Queensland University of Technology

Lyn English is a Professor of Mathematics Education and the Faculty Professor of STEM Education at the Queensland University of Technology, Australia. Her areas of research include mathematics learning, modelling and problem solving; STEM education; engineering education; and statistical reasoning.

Dr. Harouna Ba

SciPlay at New York Hall of Science (NYSCI)

Harouna Ba is the Director of SciPlay at New York Hall of Science (NYSCI). Dr. Ba has extensive experience in investigating children’s development of digital literacy skills and the impact of complex science, technology, engineering, and mathematics programs in formal as well as informal educational settings.

Prof. Dor Abrahamson

University of California, Berkeley

Dor Abrahamson (PhD, Learning Sciences, Northwestern University, 2004) is a Professor at the Graduate School of Education, University of California Berkeley, where he runs the Embodied Design Research Laboratory. Abrahamson is a design-based researcher who invents pedagogical technologies for teaching and learning mathematic.

Dr. Maria Droujkova

Natural Math

Dr. Maria Droujkova focuses her research and development efforts on learning communities, informal education, online education, advanced mathematics for young children, and game design. She holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics Education from NCSU, and M.S. in Mathematics from Tulane.

Prof. Shimon Schocken

IDC Herzliya

Prof. Shimon Schocken is a former member of the Matific Academic Board. He is a professor at IDC Herzliya (Interdisciplinary Center), and founding dean of the Efi Arazi School of Computer Science. Before IDC, he was a tenured professor at NYU (1985 - 1995). Prof. Shimon was a visiting professor at Harvard (2005) and Stanford (2012).

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