Accessibility Statement



In order to enable people with disabilities to surf the Internet as smoothly as anyone else, we have invested tremendous efforts in building advanced technology that will allow website owners to make their website accessible to people with disabilities and expose the information on the website to another important population.

The website tries to provide to the general public, a website accessible as possible, regardless of the technology in which the site was built. We are working to update and implement the accessibility rules as possible, in accordance with the principles of the Accessibility Standard. The site is adapted to the accessibility requirements of level 2 (AA) of the W.C.A.G 2 standard. Accessibility on the site feet to browsers:

  • Chromium.
  • Firefox.
  • Edge.
  • Opera.
  • Safari.

Support for assistive technologies

Andi supports assistive technologies by using ARIA roles.


How to use the Andi component?

The technology of Andi UA operates on several levels to allow maximum accessibility for the website, both through the accessibility menu and by interfacing with various components on the website.

The website has an accessibility menu. To open the menu you can click the icon located at the top of the site or press the "F10" button on the keyboard. To close the menu you can click the Close button or press the keyboard on the "ESC" button. press F1 to return to this page from anywhere on the site.

When you enter the menu for the first time you can select the interface language, which supports multiple languages, and the display size you want. At any point, you can change your settings in the Settings button at the top of the menu.

Pressing the "Enable Accessibility" button will take you through the accessibility menu.


Main Menu

The main menu is divided into 4 categories and each category has options for personalizing website accessibility.


Accessibility Statement

You can reach this document by pressing F1 on the keyboard.


Navigate with keyboard

For your convenience common keyboard shortcuts:

  • F1 - Help and accessibility declaration
  • F3 - Search the page
  • F6 - Return to address bar (URL)
  • F5 - Refresh the web page
  • F10 - Open / close the accessibility menu
  • ESC - Cancel
  • Down Arrow - Standard Scroll Down
  • Up Arrow - Standard Scroll Up
  • Page Down, Space - Scroll down screen
  • Shift + Page up, - Scroll up screen
  • Enter - Enable links and buttons
  • TAB - navigation between links, buttons, and fields in forms
  • SHIFT + TAB - Navigate backward links between buttons and fields in forms
  • BACKSPACE - Deletes text that is behind the cursor
  • DELETE - Deletes text that is in front of the cursor
  • LEFT ARROW + alt - Return to the last page that we have browsed

How to browse the site easily with a screen reader?

If you use screen reader software, know that you do not need to activate anything and all you need is to browse a regular. We've included here a list of keyboard shortcuts for NVDA screen reader users: (mostly screen reader software)

  • K - Switch between links
  • L - Switch between lists on a page
  • I - Switch between items in the list.
  • F - Switch between form fields and buttons.
  • T - Switch between tables on a page
  • H - Switch between headers.
  • Switch between headers level 1
  • Switch between headers level 2
  • Switch between headers level 3
  • Switch between headers level 4
  • Switch between headers level 5
  • Switch between headers level 6

Forms accessibility

There is wide support for forms for assistive technologies. For example Support for reading errors by screen readers.


Accessibility of menus

You can easily navigate with the keyboard or screen reader and reach the submenus.


A little from the long list Andi knows to make accessible …

  • Handling empty links
  • Set up buttons and indicator for the blind
  • Support BR tag (line break) for the blind
  • Support for messages for the blind
  • Hierarchical ordering headings
  • Alerts for opening a new page, file types, and downloadable files
  • Support for tab elements
  • Support for Litebox
  • And more …

Problems exist

  1. A function called “target content area“ is designed to work only with one screen. If you use more than one screen, do not use it.
  2. There are dynamic content areas. If you enable some accessibility functions, it will load again after the content has been loaded. The process is automatic and may take up to 6 seconds.
  3. The games themselves are built with technology that does not provide accessibility through the accessibility plugin. Within the games themselves, there is support for keyboard accessibility.

Having trouble?

Tell us! We try to maintain the accessibility website at the highest level. If you find and/or encounter difficulties accessing the website and accessibility in particular, do not hesitate to report via the contact form. In order for us to fix the problem in the best possible way, please include full details as possible:

  • Description of the problem.
  • What action did you try to perform?
  • Which page did you browse?
  • Type and version of the browser.
  • Operating system and version.
  • Type of assistive technology (if used).

We will check the problem and will contact you shortly with details about it.


Please note

While browsing the website, you may encounter a page/section that has not yet been fully accessible. If you encounter such a page please report it to us and we will fix it as soon as possible.