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Join the Matific Olympiad 2021 and give your children the opportunity to see how much fun mathematics really can be!

If you're already using Matific at school or at home, you don't need to register because you're automatically enrolled to the competition!

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  • Registration

    30 Mar - 30 May 2021

    Participation is free of charge.

  • Practice

    31 May - 2 June 2021

    The practice round gives children an opportunity to warm up before the competition.

  • Competition

    3 - 4 June 2021

    Children complete mathematics activities, collect stars, and win trophies!

  • Winners

    15 June 2021

    Winners will be announced on the website.

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About the Matific Olympiad

What is the Matific Olympiad?

  • The Matific Olympiad is a friendly online mathematics competition for primary school children.
  • Matific, a digital primary mathematics learning platform, hosts the Matific Olympiad to generate excitement about mathematics education among children and celebrate their accomplishments.
  • Over 1,000,000 children participate in the Matific Olympiad held annually around the world.
  • Participants are given access to the Matific platform where they complete Matific activities earning stars for themselves, their class and their school.
  • A perfect event to introduce children to mathematics challenges in an enjoyable way, thus inspiring their further interest in mathematics.

Why join the Matific Olympiad?

  • A little competition can inspire young problem solvers to greater achievement.
  • A valuable opportunity to help children explore and grow their love of mathematics.
  • A perfect way to boost children's confidence and encourage a growth mindset in mathematics.
  • A chance to win the Matific Olympiad trophies, medals, cash prizes and bragging rights!
  • Matific is an award-winning digital mathematics resource that has proven to help improve students test results by 34%.

Will you be the Matific Olympiad Champion?

There are 7 levels of participation, one for each year level in Primary school. The top three scoring individuals*, classes*, and schools receive first, second, and third place trophies.

  • Student*

    • First Place
      Gold Medal
    • Second Place
      Silver Medal
    • Third Place
      Bronze Medal
  • Class*

    • First Place
      Gold Trophy
    • Second Place
      Silver Trophy
    • Third Place
      Bronze Trophy
  • School

    • First Place
      $2,500 cash prize
      + Gold Trophy
    • Second Place
      $1,500 cash prize
      + Silver Trophy
    • Third Place
      $1,000 cash prize
      + Bronze Trophy

* for each year level

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate in the Matific Olympiad?

You don't have to be a Matific student to participate!
If you're already using Matific at school or at home, you don't need to register because you're automatically enrolled to the competition!

The competition is exclusive for primary school aged children. Individal students are encouraged to take part in the competition. However in order to be eligible for the school and class prizes schools must have a minimum of 50 students and classes a minimum of 10 students.

- Students will be competing only against other students in the same year level.
- Classes will be competing only against other classes within the same year level.
- Matific reserves the right to ensure reasonable fairness for students completing activities outside their year level.
- All Schools will compete with each other.

We strongly recommend entire schools/districts to get involved because the impact felt by communities when everyone is engaged is significant.

How do I participate?

Register for free at /home/matific-olympiad/#Register

What's the difference between the Practice period and the Competition period?

Practice period:
Between May 31, 2021, and June 2, 2021, a practice period will take place to allow students,
classes and schools time to prepare for The Matific Olympiad. Students are encouraged to log in to their student account where they can navigate to the Competition Island. During the practice period, eight activities will be available in the Competition Island for students to practice. Please note that no prizes are awarded during the practice period.

Competition period:
Competition commences at 00:01 on Jun 3, 2021, and concludes at 23:59 June 4, 2021.
When the competition begins, all participants are encouraged to log in to Matific and begin completing activities available in the Competition island to earn "stars". Every time a participant completes an activity the amount of stars they earn will be awarded to their individual total, their class's total AND their school total. The "stars" earned will be the deciding factor on who wins the awards. Each activity can earn students 5 stars and may be attempted a maximum of 5 times per activity.

References to times are to New Zealand time unless otherwise stated.

How are winners calculated?

Prizes* are split into three categories:
1) Schools,
2) Classes and
3) Individual Student.

School and class awards are calculated on the average number of stars collected per student. For example: If a school has 5760 stars and they have 120 students their school score will be 48.00. If a class has 960 stars and 15 students their class score will be 64.00. Student awards will be calculated on the total number of stars collected.

Students earn stars in The Matific Olympiad by completing activities available in the Competition island during the competition period. The more activities completed, the more stars on offer for the students. Each competition activity can earn students 5 stars and may be attempted a maximum of 5 times per episode.
The school and class with the highest number of average stars collected across the registered participants will be the winners.

“Earning Stars” means:
- Per student: Points/stars are earned by completing episodes and worksheets successfully.
- Per class: A class’s score is calculated as the average score of all the competing students in the class.
- Per school: A school’s score is calculated as the average score of all the competing classes in the school.

*Please note:
- Matific is neither responsible nor liable for any change in the value of the prizes occurring between publishing date and date the prize is claimed.
- All Prize winners are advised that tax implications may arise from their prize winnings, and they should seek independent financial advice prior to acceptance of their prize.
- No responsibility will be taken by Matific for any changes in dates, times or cancellations or other arrangements that may prevent the prize winners from winning the prize.

Is the Matific Olympiad compliant with student data privacy regulations?

Yes. Matific takes seriously the safety and security of sensitive data and is amongst our highest priorities.

Please click here for further information about our privacy and data security.

Do iPads and Tablets work with the Matific Olympiad?

Yes. There will be lots of schools competing using these devices. You just need to make sure that you have the most updated version of the app installed. Visit Google Store and App Store to download the latest version of the Matific Student App

What are the Matific Olympiad Terms & Conditions?

Matific v3.9.10