Congratulations to our Matific
Math League 2022 Winners



Matific Math League 2022

A fun-filled online mathematics competition for primary school children (KG - 6 grade). Millions of students from over 20 countries participate in Matific Math League every year.

  • Create a love of maths

  • Reduce learning loss

  • Reduce maths anxiety

  • Boost maths outcomes

  • Registration

    8 Sep - 20 Nov 2022

  • Competition

    23 Nov - 6 Dec 2022

  • Winners

    10 Dec 2022


Exclusive rewards for top 100 schools of India

  • First place

    Rs 1,50,000*

    Gold Trophy

  • Second place

    Rs 1,00,000*

    Silver Trophy

  • Third place

    Rs 50,000*

    Bronze Trophy

*Prize money will be given in the form of vouchers

All students get certificates and top 3 students from top 100 schools gets a special Matific gift


Get ready for the competition

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    School Poster

    Matific Math League poster for your classroom

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    Parent letter

    Matific Math League Parent Letter

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    How it works brochure


Want to know more about the competition?

  • Power Your Maths Competition with Matific

    Matific partners with governments and organizations to deliver world-class online mathematics competitions for primary school students.

  • Associate Your Brand with STEM Learning

    Millions of students from over 20 countries participate in Matific Math League every year. It’s a great opportunity to make a difference.

  • Ignite a Love of Learning in Your Students

    Help unlock your students potential and insightful reports to identify learning gaps and areas of excellence for all your students and class.


Frequently Asked Questions

About the Competition

What is Matific Math League?

A fun-filled online mathematics competition for primary school children (KG - 6 grade). Millions of students from over 20 countries participate in The Matific Math League every year.

Just another Maths Olympiad?

Matific Math League is a 2 week-long competition that aims to encourage participation, not excellence, ignite love of learning and build long-lasting habits.
For teachers and educators - it aims to provide actionable data and insights into learning gaps, areas of excellence and boost maths outcomes.

Important Dates

Registration: 8 Sep - 20 Nov 2022
Competition: 23 Nov - 6 Dec 2022


How to register?

Visit matific.com/mml to register your school / class for the competition, or write to us at mathleague@matific.com
How do I add my students / child?

  • Schools: After you submit the registration form, your Matific account manager will get in touch with you to help set up your students and teachers account

  • Teacher: After registering for the competition:
    Login to your teacher account
    Go to Class Management
    Select your preferred option to upload your class list

Need help?
Email us at mathleague@matific.com and our team will be happy to help you set up your class.

  • Parent: Visit matific.com/mml, go to the registration section, select Parent and follow the prompts.

Who can register?

The registration is open for Schools & Teachers

Is there a registration fee for the competition?

Registration to the competition is free.

Post Registration

When will we get students and teachers Matific login details?

Once school is registration is complete, your Matific account manager will email you the login details of all your students and teachers.

Can students and teachers login to Matific with their login details before the competition?

Teachers and students will have full access to Matific from the day their account is created until shortly after the competition ends.

Is there anything students need to do before they start the competition?

  • Existing Matific student who has been using Matific before: No, they are good to go. They can continue to log in and practice before the competitions starts.

  • New Matific student: The first time students log in and access Adventure Island, they will see the Placement Test. Encourage your students to complete Matific's Placement Test before the competition. It's a 20-min test to help determine your student's level and determine best set of learning path / activities for them in the Adventure Island.

All students will get a Placement Test, (also known as the Pilot Training) when they access Adventure Island for the first time.

Do you have any posters I can use in my school/class to promote the competition?

Yes. Download them here


Competition overview for students

Students can log in to their Matific account, go to the Adventure Island, Arena or Assigned Work and start completing activities. Note that training zone will be locked during the competition.
Each activity can add a maximum of 5 stars.
There’s no limit to the no. of times an activity can be attempted, but only the attempt which gets maximum star will be added to the competition total.
During the competition period, students can log in and log out as many times and anytime.
Each student has a target of 600 stars to collect till the end of the competition.
Students can continue to play even after they have collected 600 stars, but the stars will not be added to their competition total.
Training Zone will be locked during the competition

Where can I see my class / student rank and score?

Teachers can log in to their Matific dashboard and view the status and scores of their students in the competition.
During the competition, the teacher will be able to see Student and Class leaderboard
You can also visit matific.com/olympiad-leaderboard - our public leaderboard to view top 10 schools in the competition

Do iPads and Tablets work with The Matific Maths Olympiad?

Yes. There will be lots of schools competing using these devices. You just need to make sure that you have the most updated version of the app installed. Visit Google Store and App Store to download the latest version of the Matific Student App

Prizes and Certificate


Top 3 Schools
First place: Gold trophy
Rs 1,50,000*

Second place: Silver trophy
Rs 1,00,000*

Third place: Bronze trophy
Rs 50,000*

*Prize money will be given in the form of vouchers


All students get certificates and top 3 students from top 100 schools gets a special Matific gift

How will the students get their certificate?

When the competition ends, students are rewarded a certificate based on their achievement during the competition. They can download it from their student portal.

How many students will win the Matific gifts?

Top 3 students from top 100 schools will be eligible for the gifts

Stars and Ranks


How is School's rank calculated?
The ranking is based on the achievements of a school's students out of the target goal.
Every student has a goal of 600 stars to achieve.
We look at the stars achieved for the active students divided by the goal of those students (or 50% of students, whichever is higher).
The accuracy of participants is used in tie-breaking situations.

What is the target goal for my school?
  • If active students in your school < 50% of your TOTAL students, then Total Target Stars = 50% of TOTAL students in school * individual student target goal
  • If active students in your school >= 50% of your TOTAL students, then Total Target Stars = No. of active students * individual student target goal

What is Average Accuracy?
This is the number of stars achieved divided by the total number of stars possible in the episodes that have been played. For example, student played 10 episodes. He got 30 stars out of the possible 50. Accuracy is 30/50=60%.

What is Achievement till date? This is the number of stars earned by participating students divided by the total number of stars available to them.
E.g. School target = 600 (achivement target of each student) * 100 (no. of students) * 50% = 30,000
School current total stars = 15,000 so, the Achivement to Date will be 50%

Who is considered an Active Student?

Student is considered as an “Active” student when they play at least 1 activity during the competition.

Qualifying Criteria for Schools to be listed on the public leaderboard and win

School must have at least 50 number of active students* during the competition

Why only 50% of students are used for the calculation?

We understand that every school has timetable challenges, inactive or duplicate accounts, and other complications - we only count the top 50% to allow for this.

Class and Students

National level: There’s no rank for class or students, instead we have percentile. Percentile calculation logic is the same as the one used for schools.
School level: Teachers can view their class and students rank at their own school and class level in the teacher dashboard.

Where can I see my child’s rank?

You can only see your child’s percentile and not rank
Students registered through school: Set up your free parent account here https://www.matific.com/in/en-in/parents/sign-up. Once your set-up is complete, you will be able to view your child’s percentile and stars earned in your parent dashboard

Is the Matific Math League compliant with student data privacy regulations?

Yes. Matific takes seriously the safety and security of sensitive data and is amongst our highest priorities.
Please click here for further information about our privacy and data security.

What are the Matific Math League Terms & Conditions?

Click here to read the Terms & Conditions
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