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Work smarter not harder

When I was a classroom teacher I was bombarded with the regular insults from friends and family about 12 weeks holidays and finger painting etc. It was all lighthearted fun and I can handle that. I enjoyed the holidays but I also needed them… badly! I think it is genuinely accepted by anyone who knows […]

Maths has cracked the answer to the Toilet Seat argument!

Historically, maths has been used for many important discoveries. Through geometry, astronomists have mapped the stars, while physicists regularly utilise calculus and algebra to comprehend everything from gravity to string theory. But in recent times mathematicians are grappling with another conundrum by trying to solve one of life’s greatest quandaries: should the toilet seat be […]

Maths teacher makes millions in South Korea

There might be a few, isolated days where as a maths teacher you feel like you don’t have a glamorous or sexy career. On those rare occasions you might be envious of your celebrity friends because they get all the fame and fortune. But instead of feeling down, let’s look to South Korea for inspiration. In […]

Get Parents Ready for the New Curriculum

Currency conversion is one type of real-world maths example that parents use with their children. So when a survey asked 1000 parents about the problem above, it was a surprise to learn that more than half of the parents interviewed couldn’t answer the question. £1 exchanges for $1.60. Ashley returns from holiday with $20 having spent $60. How […]